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RedBallExpressTriple P Packaging, Inc. was founded by Mr. Francis Shaughnessy in June of 1966. Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Shaughnessy served in World War II as a Major in the United States Army. During the war, Mr. Shaughnessy was introduced to packaging and transportation logistics through his role in the “Red Ball Express”, an enormous truck convoy system which moved Allied forces supplies quickly throughout Europe after D-Day.

After the war, Mr. Shaughnessy went to work for the Defense Contract Administration and further developed his government packaging expertise. From there, he became the Sales Manager of a regional New England based packaging company. In 1966, Mr. Shaughnessy went out on his own and formed Triple P Packaging, Inc. in a 6,000 sq. ft. rental building in Easton, MA, with a strong focus on government packaging.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Shaughnessy’s son, Mr. Richard Shaughnessy, and son-in-law Mr. Gregory O’Connell joined the Company and drove its growth into commercial packaging in the 1970’s. Then as now, Mr. Richard Shaughnessy focused on executing internal operations and Mr. Gregory O’Connell led the outside sales effort, and by 1977 the Company had enough demand for its products and services that a new 33,000 sq. ft. headquarters was constructed on West Chestnut St. in Brockton, MA.

In the 1980’s, Triple P Packaging, Inc. pioneered “just-in-time” (JIT) deliveries for its customers, giving it an early competitive advantage in the market. This service, which allowed companies to reduce expenses in warehouse occupancy, shipping/receiving personnel, and inventory carrying, appealed so strongly to the market that the Company soon needed even more space. In 1993, the Company constructed its current headquarters in Brockton, MA, which includes 100,000 sq. ft. across two company-owned buildings.

buildingToday, Triple P employs over 30 people and with its own fleet of trucks, delivers to over 250 businesses and government agencies. Although the Company’s customer base in centered in southern New England, it ships to more and more customers both nationwide and internationally. As the Company nears its 50th anniversary, co-owner and Vice-President of Sales Gregory O’Connell has one phrase that he attributes to the Company’s success, “we strive to exceed customer expectations every day.”