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Triple P Packaging has been the industry leader in environmentally sustainable “green” business practices for decades, and today over 99% of all materials utilized in the Company’s Brockton, MA manufacturing plant, including all scrap materials, are collected, sorted, recycled and reused.


First, corrugated boxes and wood crating are among the world’s most recycling products, period. Corrugated fiberboard boxes and wood crating are reused and recycling countless times, and twice as many trees are being planted as are harvested on an annual basis. It may be hard to imagine, but the forest products industry plants more than 1.7 million new trees every day.

In addition to wood crating and corrugated fiberboard, all other materials utilized by Triple P in its packaging are recyclable and reusable for other purposes. For example, folding cartons are sent to by mills, where fibers are separated and reused in new containers, and protective foams are shredded and recycled, often to be used in carpet cushioning.

The packaging industry as a whole continues to innovate, inventing lighter, more efficient and more recyclable methods of safely transporting goods and materials. Every year, stronger packaging is designed, utilizing less materials, a term deemed “source reduction”. Triple P is at the ground level of these trends, continually innovating custom packaging solutions in its 100,000 square foot southern New England facility.