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Corrugated Boxes
19 Jun 2014

Corrugated Boxes

Customers can buy corrugated boxes from many packaging companies across New England.  So why should you purchase boxes from Triple P?  Here are a few reasons why corrugate boxes are the most popular products sold at Triple P:

  1. Boxes are available in any shape and size.  Boxes as small as 4″ x 4 “x 4” or as large as D containers!
  2. There is no minimum number of boxes necessary for each order.  Triple P has sold 250,000 boxes to a company, but you can order just 1 box if needed!  Many other companies require a minimum number of boxes per order.  Some require you to buy thousands of boxes!
  3. Triple P has a fast turn-around for each order.  Printed boxes can be delivered in 5-9 days.  Plain boxes are delivered even faster!

Contact Triple P for more information on corrugated boxes!  Large or small, we are happy to fulfill every order!