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Custom-Designed Crates
03 Apr 2014

Custom-Designed Crates

Are you looking for custom-designed crates to keep your products safe?  Triple P recently began offering on-site crating services.  A specialized team will go to your business to build a crate customized for your products.  The team will take measurements at your business to make sure your products fit securely in their crates.

The idea for this new service came when a major engine company asked Triple P to build a crate for an engine at its location.  The team traveled to the business and built a crate to store an engine that weighed 15,000 pounds!  The team built a crate that was the size of a small car!  The work proved to be so successful that Triple P decided to offer the same service to all customers!

This is just one example of how Triple P continues to expand their levels of customer service.  Contact Triple P for more information!