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Foam Packaging Options
25 Apr 2014

Foam Packaging Options

Triple P offers a full design service for packaging your products.  You can combine an order of foams with the box and crating services to provide the maximum protection for products.  Below are a few of the highlights of each type of foam packaging:

Polyurethane Foam

  • Most popular foam packaging
  • Popular with small and lighter products
  • Flexibility makes it great for fragile items
  • Shock absorption

Polyethylene Foam

  • Resilient
  • Easy to return to original shape
  • Closed cfell – It appears to be one piece of foam, but it actually made of individual cells packed tightly together

Expanded Polystyrene Foam

  • High resistance to moisture
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low vapor permanence
  • Very inexpensive

Polyester Foam

  • High chemical resilience
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons or alcohol

Call or contact Triple P for more information, along with a free estimate and samples.  Your satisfaction is the highest priority!