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Greatest Packaging Innovations in Recent History
04 Feb 2014

Greatest Packaging Innovations in Recent History

Commercial, industrial, and consumer packaging are of course continually evolving, with more efficient and effective methods of design replacing older.  However, certain core designs seem to stay, they are just “that good” that they cannot easily be improved on tin cansor replaced.

The plastic bottle, glass jars with vacuum closures, and cereal packaging are just a few examples.  However, perhaps the greatest and long-standing innovation in recent packaging history is the tin can.

Although they were first patented in the early 19th century by an English inventor named Peter Durand, the original “tin cans” were very different than what we see today.  The originals were so heavy in fact that they required wheelbarrows for transport home, and toolkits to open.  It wasn’t until the Great Depression era of the 1930’s that the tin can flourished as a packaging medium, obviously in a much more lightweight and cost effective format.