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Restore Mushroom Packaging
13 Mar 2014

Restore Mushroom Packaging

The first featured product from Triple P is Restore Mushroom Packaging.  This new method of protecting your products can revolutionize the packaging industry.  The 100% recyclable product was created by Sealed Air Protective Packaging and Triple P is one of the few packaging companies in the area that distributes the mushroom packaging.

If you want to appreciate how great the product is, then it’s important to understand how it is created.  It is grown from all natural byproducts!  Mycelium, a part of mushrooms, is combined with agricultural waste, like corn stalks, to create a solution that can be molded to protect your products.  The picture shows one of the many forms that can be grown to fit products.

One of the interesting aspects of Restore is that it is biodegradable.  Instead of throwing packaging into the trash, you can throw it into your yard as home compost.  It is a method of packaging that can protect your products and the environment!  Restore Mushroom Packaging has won multiple awards, including the Technology Pioneer at the 2011 World Economic Forum in Switzerland!

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